Sydney Girls High School

An Academically Selective Girls High School

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The canteen provides a healthy range of food and is run by a manager and a sub committee of the P&C Association. It provides a wide variety of nutritious foods chosen in accordance with the guidelines set down by the Department of Education. Profits contribute towards the provision of education equipment and material.

The canteen is staffed voluntarily by parents on a once –a-month roster or whenever they can spare some time. Please log into the SGHS portal (School Resources) for more information about volunteering. To maintain an efficient service for students, it is essential that we get new recruits each year. Yes, we need parents!  Any helpful suggestions which may lead to improvements in the operation of the canteen are always welcome by the Canteen Committee.

Please Note:  Purchases may be made at the counter before school, at recess and at lunch. The canteen is open at approximately 8:00 am. No sales are made after the bell. Registers are staffed by Prefects and Student Representative Council members on a roster basis.

Breakfast, Recess snacks or Lunch can be ordered by using the Qkr! app.  Please log into the SGHS portal (School Resources)  or click here for more information. We also accept cash or most credit cards for over-the-counter purchases.

Please find the Canteen Menu here.